Genuine Peacock black pearl braided necklace fresh water pearls twisted pearl necklace double row necklace, Bridesmaid necklace wedding gift

  • $28.00

  • Handmade item
  • Gemstone: Pearl
  • Jewelry type: Bracelet, Necklace
  • Can be personalized
  • Made to Order


Beautiful braided pearl necklace and bracelet set that is made of genuine fresh water peacock black pearls with that range from 6-9mm with silver crystals. These peacock pearls have multiple undertones including deep green blue purple, gorgeous to wear.

White pearl necklace and bracelets are also available for you to choose.

Necklace measures 18 inches with silver stainless steel magnetic clasps, easy to put on and take off. Bracelet measures 7 inches with matching magnetic clasps.

Matching pearl studs (peacock):

Matching pearl studs (white):

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